KeepTurningLeft Season 5 Part 7 Wells to the Humber

Wells to the Humber


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Thanks for watching the film. If you wish to stream it then use the expander button on the film and click to HD to watch it at it best stream. If you wish to download the film in HD then you can access the digits by clicking on the vimeo logo on the bottom right of the film,setting up a free viemo account and the download links will miraculously appear. The films are available for freemans - a gift from one MOB small boat sailor to another. If you are enjoying the films and want to encourage me to continue with the journey and posting films please feel free to make a speciously hypothecated contribution towards the project. All funds will be spent on completing and filming the journey around Britain or replacing the cameras that get eaten away by salt water. Feel free to make copies of the films for other sailors to watch.



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I just want to say that....

become a patron of Thoughtful sailing
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This is about KTL 5: The Wash and the Humber.

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  1. 9 February, 2016 at 4:32 pmTony Mindling says:

    Enjoyed seeing your joy at the handling of the new boat. But wow – what a change in weather. Wonder how you would have handled it outside the shelter of the estuary – sea anchor?

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