Lovely Ian – self stearing home builder says

Hi Dylan

I watch a number of sailing channels, Delos and Vagger amongst others.  Most are in exotic locations that I am unlikely ever to visit but do at least give me a view of the world.  They seem to be managing quite well via Patreon or the like and have felt no need to contribute to them.
Your videos however are more real, in that I could imagine visiting a lot of the places you have been to, and in a number of cases given me the urge to visit some of them, if only by car :)  I have been watching them since pretty well the beginning and have not really contributed apart from the odd paypal donation.  I want to see more videos so I will, when I remember drop some beer tokens in while I can.  I would set up a regular drip feed should you set up a funding page somewhere.  I think Patreon takes a percentage but I haven’t really checked that in any detail.
Keep up the good work,  it is really noticeable BTW that the video quality has improved and you are obviously taking a lot more care and time framing shots.  One thing I do miss sometimes is the “Pithy” commentary which seems a little watered down.
I have just completed building a wind vane system and put a batch of 5 films on YouTube to hopefully help anyone else considering building the kit.

Part 1 Intro and frame:

Part 2 Turret and Vane :

Part 3 Fixtures and fittings :

Part 4 Servo Rudder:

Part 5 Boat mounting:

Not up to your fine standards but I am reasonably happy with them.  Some times I did not video due to sawdust and other nasty stuff flying around and a camera was not an option, almost as bad as salt water :)
Glad to see you got a decent price for the Centaur, shame but sometimes these things happen. :(
Best wishes
This is about Sailing around Britain.

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