M from Germany says “I like bikinis”

Hey Dylan,
at first I must confess, I like girls in bikinis and speaking of lavagabonde, she is a beauty, but thats in
the eye of the watcher. On the other hand, there is not much of useful information in their videos.
That brings me to the point why I chipped in. I have just started with your videos and, strange to say,
found you by your selling ad for the centaur. I chipped in, because I would be happy if you proceed
making films, drifting through creeks and estuaries. I am german and, whilst I can speak english
and have to in my job, I confess that I cannot follow all of your words of wisdom.
But, and thats the point why I really chipped in, I do very much enjoy all of your sentences
and phrases, it is such a great fun for me, what you say and how you bring it to the point.
Regarding your boat, it is a pity, but see it as a chance to get another boat, this time
with better kind of heating than a handfull of tealights, surely your bones and equipment
will appreciate it.
Best regards
This is about Sailing around Britain.

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