Medway mud plugger cat man – backside

Hi D

Followed your adventures for a few a few months now, and am only just realizing how many films you have produced.

I absolutely love the your eye for light, great photography and all accompanied by some super quirky narration. Worth a parting with a few quid for in my opinion

What is there not to like about the early films with a bloke sailing in a slug up a river to sit in the mud and impart a little bit of local history.

You’ve shown us some great places that I would never have thought to visit further north than Newcastle. I’ve enjoyed the adventure and even if

it goes no further it has inspired me to get off my backside and once again have some wonderful adventures in boats.

It would be nice to have the odd shot of you sailing , rather than perhaps all on the boat, but then again you don’t have the huge budget and large production team following you and

your not parachuted in for the shot, locals conveniently positioned, pleasantries exchanged and then helicoptered out. I like the fact that your films are not made with all that help, its you, the boat and the climate and still looks bloody great..

You asked for a couple of photo’s

One of my younger days in your neck of the woods on my nacra – river blackwater close to bradwell (Marconi 3 piers charity race)

Couple of Medway mud – to tempt you back

My boat on the hard – sorry not got one in the mud



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