Norfolk Ian says the “utmost pleasure”


I am one of your MOBs from Norfolk, you have kindly corresponded with me before. I am about to do that Paypal tapping thing (as I have in the past), I still derive the utmost pleasure in watching your films.

I have been spending quite a bit of time looking after my Mum for a number of months, they don’t have Sky down there any more but do have a Smart TV. I have therefore been enjoying many of the films I have seen before, along with her. She is 91 and thoroughly enjoys them. I have never taken her sailing, but she does get a flavour of it from your films and can understand the appeal.

Now, before I do any fiscally related tapping, I have a serious request. You posted a film a good while ago called RIP Katie L. You began by reflecting on the joy of her being a trailer sailor before moving into this gorgeous montage of clips. I have watched it many times and recommended it to many people who have expressed the same delight at watching it (sorry if they haven’t tapped!).


May I also ask, how serious is the situation regarding you continuing with the journey? I agree completely with your point, I truly enjoy watching and send you 50 or 100 every year or so as a mark of my appreciation. It’s not much I know, but, as you say, if a slightly higher proportion of your viewers did the same, I would like to think you would be in a more comfortable position. If I may be blunt, I am guessing that a pretty high proportion of your viewers could easily afford to do the same (I assume that is the kind of contribution that helps make things work – I do hope I am not way off base?).

Your comments on the end of the recent film hit home, I hope that you get the necessary response to carry on. So many of us are enjoying dipping in and out and being with you in spirit, I am sure I speak for many when I say how sad we would be to have that little adventure taken away from our little screens.

Anyway, enough already. Thank you for your time reading this, and for the amount of pleasure you have given me over the years I have been following you (still gutted I never met you when you were in Wells!!)

I look forward to hearing from you and will go and have a good Tap this week end. By the way, someone suggested that ‘Patreon’ could work as a group funding idea? Not one I have heard of but may be worth a look.

Cheers for now with very best wishes to you and Jill,

This is about Sailing around Britain.

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