Punt Build Plan

I have been conducting some internatinal thought experiments over the past few days with a bloke called John in Texas


He runs this company   www.jowoodworks.com  and last year at the Havasu trailer sailing convention http://sailhavasu.com/     

he built a boat in a week.  I suggested to him that he should have a go at some duck punts and we should try to get some of the American ones to turn up at Havasu.   We have been bouncing ideas around for creating a simplified flat pack punt with built in bouyancy bow and stern.

"The boat even an eejit can build in a weeekend"

you can row, paddle, punt, sail and paddle board them

If we can keep the panels down in size then the cut panels could be sent through the post. The idea is to supply the pre-cut 4mm panels  leaving the builder to just source some 2 x 1 for the gunwales, floor boards and mast step. Tools would be a tape measure, a pencil, a saw and an electric screw driver. The thing would be held together using self driving decking screws and epoxy/polyester and glass tape

I reckon that we could create a kit where you could assemble a boat in eight hours

Be a bit of a laugh if we can make it happen and spread the glory that is the duck punt to the New World and beyond

Poor buggers all they have is the PD racer which is an abomination of a boat

it is a bloomin box compared to the suble glory that is a WM Duck Punt

compare this PD racer glamour shot

Some of the girls liked the boat a lot.


to this duck punt glamour shot


I will keep you posted on developments










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2 Responses to “Punt Build Plan”

  1. 18 August, 2014 at 4:10 pmMartin Roberts says:

    I think I come from the “I like both camp”. I like the PD Racer as it is derived from a Phil Bolger design (The Brick). I like the DP because it has a minimalist view of sailing.

    I still wonder how the DP gose to windward with not centre board, keel or lee board?

  2. 19 August, 2014 at 12:45 amdylan winter says:

    I am always amazed at how well they sail

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