Scoop Stern lozenge sailor Happy Henrik “up a river”

Hi D

Off course we are many followers who can not envisage the
keepturningleft adventure stopping, so here is my GBP 50. And attached
is a picture of my first and only boat so far for your website. The
picture is from Marstrand in Sweden where we spend our summers in the
archipelago north of Göteborg. Great place, you should spend a season
there, definitely KTL material. The boat is a 'scoop stern lozenger'
but it is good for the 4 of us, and there is standing headroom in part
of it.

Like many others I see your movies over and over again, and this is a
unique feature of your movies since I never tend do this to other
movies not even sailing movies with younger models in them, although I
have to admit there are some pretty good ones out there.

Since your primary boat is now Katie L, you will find yourself going
up a river somewhere in the near future, since you can not just stay
on land. Please bring a Cam when you go, and maybe make a blog type
video if you do.

So keep turning left for us all.


This is about Dylan Winter's Blog, Sailing around Britain.

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