Abrahams bosum



Abrahams Bosum - great place to sail

20,000 miles of Britain’s amazing coastline as it has never been seen before – from the cockpit of an 18 foot boat.



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  1. 27 May, 2011 at 9:25 am[email protected] says:

    Hi Dylan, sorry to be bothering you but I can’t seem to play any of your video clips any more! Using the same computer as when I could get them running, I log in to the site and when I choose a vlog all I get is an empty box on the left of screen and an option to download the clip at so many megebytes, tried the download but it says Windows Media Player cant play this file type.

    Have you changed anything or maybe has my other half deleted some vital program I need to view your films. I would be very grateful if you could help. I have Microsoft Home Vista as my syatem. Love your films and follow avidly, cheers, Rob

  2. 27 May, 2011 at 12:02 pmDylan Winter says:


    Sounds very weird

    Espceially the bit about the films not showing at all

    The format if the films in the windows are unchanged

    Try going to blip.TV direct


    and see if you can get any of the films to play

    if you can make them play

    then its some incompatibility between your system and my website

    if they won’t play on Blip then your computer has stopped talking to most of the world

    try updating realplayer

    as for the downloads – no format change there for about three months or so

    if you are willing…. try downloading videolan


    it is free, small, sips resources and will not mess up your registry

    it will run beautifully on any computer and with any file I have found

    sometimes realplater is a bit aggressive and grabs video files it cannot play

    come back to me if none of this works

    if we continue to fail I am more than happy to refund you your $4.99


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