Stone Horse Drew and Angela fromn Maine : “history clinches the deal”

Dylan, here's a bit more "thanks" for the great work you've shared with us all. Angela and I have worked our way back through many of your earlier vids and really enjoyed them. The quality of the video would be worth the time, but the combination of warmth, wit, and history clinches the deal. We often return to the river bits especially, perhaps because we're mostly ocean sailors and have our own craggy coastline and islands to admire, but never experience the sight of a tall rig gliding towards us through the grass serenaded by meadow birds! At any rate, thanks again and best of luck with the BOSS's plan. We'll be better about contributing "in the moment" from now on. Warmest wishes from Drew Scott and Angela Bonacasa.

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  1. 26 February, 2017 at 2:09 pmGerald says:

    She is a very pretty yacht, lovely lines, does anyone know what make she is?

  2. 26 February, 2017 at 2:58 pmDrew Scott says:

    ANDIAMO is a fiberglass Stone Horse built in 1976 by Edey & Duff in Massachusetts, to a design by Sam Crocker from the 1930’s. Originally designed as a cruiser/racer for the Stone Horse Yacht Club, for the short steep chop and gusts of Buzzards Bay, she is has proven to be an amazing combination of good manners and sprightliness. Stable, dry, able in light or heavy air. The flush deck provides a great feeling of space below and deflects spray that would otherwise land on deck. Headroom below is “crouching only”, but remarkably comfortable. We’ve engineered a quite a few additions for our own convenience, including the boom gallows in the photo, a handrail “luggage rack” on the companionway hatch, some rearrangement down below and various other things to make life easier and safer. Some details on the design here: There’s a great Facebook group about them here: She’s really a brilliant little boat.

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