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This is about Dylan Winter's Blog, Sailing around Britain.

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  1. 30 October, 2017 at 9:00 pmEuan Mckenzie says:

    Now you’re becoming a sermon, the parable of the dinghy sailor, the modest yachty and the gin palace owner who all sail on the same sea….

  2. 30 October, 2017 at 10:09 pmRonG says:

    Well, you would be “extolling the beauties of simple things” if you didn’t keep rambling off onto diatribes about Presidents, hunters, two-strokes and lobster potters. Keep it up, I’d fall asleep if it was all just “going with the flow” existentialism.

  3. 31 October, 2017 at 4:27 amRiley Morgan says:

    Interesting thinking. I always try to remember what we are. Simply a green smudge of lfe on a tiny speck of dust flying through a totally unimaginably huge universe. Puts me back in my place.

  4. 31 October, 2017 at 7:35 amAnthony says:

    Many thanks for the link, Dylan. I hope we get to meet up one day. Like you, I am a product of the 1960’s and enjoy reading philosophical subjects. Like you, I have never had much money for boats, and therefore don’t have the notion of the “status symbol”. For each of us to discover life and its deepest values…

  5. 31 October, 2017 at 8:33 amStephen Mundane says:

    Thanks Dylan — thought provoking stuff. Fr Anthony is among good company…

    Aristotle: “What doest it mean to be a good person?”
    Descartes: “What does it mean to be?”
    Nietzsche: “What does it mean?”
    Bertrand Russell: “What does ‘it’ mean?”
    C.S. Lewis: “What does it?”
    Lil Jon: “What?”
    Douglas Adams: “42”

    For me, philosopic thought is good exercise for the brain and lets you approach problems from a different viewpoint if you so choose but it will never uncover any empirical knowledge. There are many, many doctrines to contemplate but most of them are as much use as a chocolate tea-pot as far as answering the problems of living in my personal reality are concerned. But the Universe, like the sea, really doesn’t care.

  6. 31 October, 2017 at 10:11 amAnthony says:

    I’m not sure where this is going, since certitude and easy answers are decreasingly a part of my life as I get older. We seem to have a choice between nihilism and meaninglessness or making a proverbial silk purse out of the proverbial sow’s ear. One way is not to think at all, drown yourself in noise and desire for money (I’m not saying that is your idea, because I don’t know you [Stephan Mundane]), or seek something higher, something spiritual – and that word can be understood many ways. I seem to know what works for me more or less well. What works for others…. even the bottom of the ocean is less mysterious than the person we are drinking a pint with at the local.

  7. 31 October, 2017 at 10:14 amHans Valk says:

    You’re quite right about that, Stephen. The universe (why the capital ‘U’?) does not care. Actually, nature does anything within it’s power to cover things up.

    In the Netherlands we have a writer, Armando, who is also a painter and a sculptor. He has invented the concept of the “guilty landscape”.

    For example: you are walking in some wood, where there used to be a concentration camp. People were tortured and killed there.
    But now, half a century later, there is little to remind us of these facts. What is left are ruins and these are almost fully overgrown. The wood itself is just what it always was. It saw what happened there fifty years earlier, did nothing and keeps silent about it. It actually covers it up and does not give a damn.. But in doing so, such a wood in Armando’s mind, is complicit to what happened

    Well, there you have it..
    In Art, of course, anything goes. The reality is: the universe does not give a shit. And it can’t.. There would be no end to it, would there?
    Still, what do you think, when you’re taking a relaxed stroll in such a wood..? Food for thought.

  8. 31 October, 2017 at 6:10 pmjack says:

    With the risk of this developing into a YBW lounge thread, I would respectfully suggest as far as the sea is concerned, it is apathetic to your or my attitude. It isn’t out to get you….. Land, is the same, apathetic. We as a human race will do our best to screw it up and mother nature ( i use this as a broad term), will fix it in her own good time, and in her own way……. we are no more influential. Yes, we can do our bit and we should, but ultimately will know the major nations are polluting this planet. If we stop buy thier product ….

    • 1 November, 2017 at 10:12 amTed Timberlake says:

      Hi Jack. If I may say it is not just the major nations, but all. Take for example Henderson Island, and some of the areas around Asia, where the inland waters are sewers and rubbish dumps. True the major nations have the means, and also the skills to be effective. What is lacking is the will, as for most it is out of sight so out of mind.

  9. 1 November, 2017 at 6:27 pmcharles rees says:

    well, theres food for thought……

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