“Tight Bollixes” says Centaur Sailor Walter Scott (aged 58) of Kazakhstan and then said “Fcuk me.I just found a tenner in my arse pockett

This is me..

I have you here...posted about you..and your website is on my 'ebbsites' on the right hand side. I have over 70,000 visits, from all over the World.
The reason I contribute is simple. You are like me. I am 58. When I end my working encarceration in landlocked Kazakhstan in June,  I intend to finish my teaching career. I will then put serious nautical miles under the keel of my 26 foot Westerly Centaur, Zig Zag. Seeing you fannying about on Lily M gave me great inspiration. Plus, there was Jill supporting you. I have such a wife also !!
I have 2 plans, circumnavigate Ireland, and then circumnavigate the UK. Plenty do. No big deal. And then..who knows.
It is also likely that me and my 'Jill' - wife Tricia - will go to the Med next summer 2018, via the French canals. What an idyllic journey that looks. You should give it some thought !!
I have only had 2 boats, the first in 2010, I am ashamed that I did not get afloat earlier. I am originally from Fleetwood. Both my grandfather's were Trawler Skipper's. My Mother's and Father's wedding was a marriage of two big fishing families. Alas, all that is gone now.
My paternal grandfather would tell me about Fleetwood trawlers calling in to St Kilda's - on their way to  and from Iceland -, to drop whiskey and supplies, and to lift mail to take back to the mainland. This was about 5 years before those islands were abandoned for good. The stories he told me of nights ashore on Hirta, sat on his knee, I remember still. Visit one day, he said. I told him that I will. I intend to keep that promise, in Zig Zag.
Salt is in my blood, and in that of my children, and it makes me proud.. Now that I can sail competently - almost - I am ready to follow in the wake of Dylan Winter.
You should not underestimate your influence. Stand proud, you are an inspiration to people, like me, all over the World. Hopefully the tight bollixes will start digging into their pockets a bit more, from now on. I know that I will.
So, why do I contribute ?? Because you are a bloody good bloke, after my own heart.
Let's keep KTL alive.
Best regards
Walter Scott, c/o Zig Zag
This is about Dylan Winter's Blog, Sailing around Britain.

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  1. 27 February, 2017 at 8:08 pmHillary says:

    Hi Walter, I too have a Centaur “Moonshine”, at the moment she is undergoing a re-fit, new engine, lots of fixer-upping and varnishing. Because I also hope to take her through the French canals to the Med. 2018 is my target. But I haven’t started planning routes or anything yet as I am concentrating on the re-fit. Good luck – perhaps swap notes.

    I think Dylan should come too and do a series called keep heading south!



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