Virgin circumnavigators stuck and pushed

Hi Dylan

Snap of our boat attached.  The films you make inspire me to visit some of these places myself and they help to convince the Mrs to come along too.  I always thought that we would eventually get a boat.  But your saying of “the boat you can afford now is always better than the boat you are saving for” stuck with me and kind of pushed me to get one earlier than was practical really.  So glad we did as I already have some great memories.

You have helped inspire me[72] and my wife [67] to sail round GB this year

Films can change lives, keeps them coming.


Neil & Tina





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  1. 7 March, 2017 at 1:37 pmWalter Scott says:

    Bloody good on ya ! See what you have done, Dylan Winter ? Your inspiration knows no bounds and no age limits ! Quiet heroes stimulate other MOB’s and MOW’s to emulate their deeds..

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