‘Whispering Bob o’ the Thames’- palm trees on mud banks

dylan said, in his thank you email.

thanks Bob,

man I loved the medway – such a surprising river. I would also love to go out on the thames estuary of a flat calm and spring low to look at the place.

and Bob said

Cheers Dylan,

That’s a great idea to sail/motor the Thames Estuary flat calm at LWS. The sandbanks are amazing – on a sunny day they magically appear like tropical islands with golden sands and seals and birds. It’d make a cool film. I often feel like getting some large plastic palm trees from on of these posh glass atriums and sticking them on a sandbank, but actually can’t be bothered to make the effort. It would make a good 60s ‘Happening’ or Situationist/surrealist event, although the real world is so surreal at the moment nobody would notice. As I write, the Dutch police are firing water cannon at protesters. Who’d have thought it.

Here’s a pic of my favourite mudhopper, my BK Hurley 22, ‘Whimbrel’ by name, anchored in Stangate Creek. I like this picture; the grey topsides fit the grey cloudy East Coast perfectly…she’s featured in PBO September 2016 (or is it August 2016) in my article ‘Learning from Experience.’ I’ve sailed her all the way up the East Coast and back, and everywhere in between.
Very tough, incredibly seaworthy, dries out beautifully in the mud surrounded by curlews and stuff, but not seen a real whimbrel as yet. Don’t think so, anyway.

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I’ve just semi-retired and just bought a bigger boat, (so I can go to Scotland/Scillies etc more easily) , so just thought I’d mention that she’s for sale, if you know anyone interested? She’s at Tollesbury marina at the moment. Almost new 6HP OB, etc. I seem to remember somewhere that you’re interested in a Fisher 25, but if you know anyone looking for a small small boat, she’s great!

All best


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