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Centaur with wheel – 3K in Leeds or 7K in Essex

Wind Flower – one more prospect

Gotta find that Centaur

a Centaur – anything considered…     Find me a Centaur….Centaur.. gotta have one. I want one that is one step away from a final meeting with a JCB and a skip Osmosis, floppy keels, damp interior, jiggered engine preferred £1500 fo9r a bad one £2,000 for a good one I am so looking forward to this […]

I need a Plan B

The ideal Centaur – the ideal location – moon on a stick

stripped out Centaur

A little Centaur adventure – from the inbox

Outboards – designing a well around them

Centaur with Sponsons

Creek Crawling Centaur from Salty John